If the engine driving growth of your firm or corporation is making acquisitions of companies with people, products and markets sizable to your own, we can benefit your strive. By providing valuable assistance in acquisitions, determining hidden liability or assets and discovering any further "deal breakers" or "makers" our method emphasizes the following:
  • Reviewing critical data submitted by the seller
  • Performing a cost analysis to determine the possible synergy resulting from the combination as well as any cost savings
  • Examining the revenue stream, including the review of the customer base and retention issues
  • Reviewing the cost of capital, including debt of the potential acquisition
  • Estimating the rate of return on the use of capital
  • Providing coordination among all advisors involved with a transaction
  • Employing structural assistance for the transaction

Our professionals are knowledgeable regarding financial products, securities design, debt issues, project financing, and off-balance sheet financing, which can greatly assist you in reaching your ultimate goals.

In addition we can assist you in setting up or implementing the entity's internal control, data gathering and flow of information; establishing policies and procedures for your companies financial health; developing a retirement plan in your company; review your businesses cash needs and guide you to successful entrepreneurial experience.


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