Barron Gannon & Co., P.c., offers a comprehensive range of business and individual accounting functions. As a leading integrator of financial services in the world of outsourcing, we can provide you with financial reporting, general ledger accounting, consolidations, cash flow and budgeting, management reporting, expense reporting, and controls and compliance management. In addition, we can help you develop effective business legal structures, as well as assist your business with finding financing and sources of capital to grow your business.

 We can provide the following functions for accounting and finance:

  • Assist you in developing a strategic business plan
  • Designing and implementing effective accounting systems
  • Guidance in performing daily accounting functions
  • Assist in establishing banking relationships
  • Preparing financial statements annually or interim
  • Perform relevant financial analyses
  • Prepare annual operating budgets and forecasts
  • Prepare cash flow projections
  • Conduct internal controls review
  • Perform management fraud investigations
  • Implement financial/operational controls
  • Manage cost accounting and inventory controls
  • Check for completeness of reporting
  • Test the transactions from both financial and operational viewpoint.

  We provide management with a business analysis resulting from  the information that will allow you to grow your business.


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